Welcome to iceREADER

This data base, sponsored by the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research, (SCAR), will host basic data from ice cores of the Antarctic Continent. The goal is to compile a complete list of cores by name, site, location and as much other information as possible.

To start using iceREADER, try either of the two links described below. Other options, available to iceREADER users, are shown at the top of each page after login.

Map Data

Use the map data page to view data sets mapped on the continent of Antarctica. The map data page is a good starting place for users to quickly see what data sets iceREADER has available on the various parts of Antarctica.

List Data

A full list of shared data can be viewed on the list data page. Additional options for uploading, sharing, and downloading data are available on this page for ITASE members. Other web users can gain access to shared meta data by using the list data page.

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