The iceREADER web site facilitates the sharing of data (mostly ITASE) with a broader community. To meet that end, the web site allows users to share data and access data via the world wide web.

The two main pages of the web site are List Data and Map Data. The purpose of the List Data page is to allow users to have personal access to data, which includes uploading,modifying, and downloading the data. The other main page, Map Data, is meant visually aid the user for related data sets.

List Data

The main page List Data does as its named. Data sets in the system are presented to the user. The user can sort them in various order by clicking on the header. When a user is logged into the system, the List Data page also shows whether a user can download, edit, or delete a data set.

Map Data

Map Markers

Data sets on the Map Data page are shown as various colored markers on Antarctica. The color of the marker corresponds to the type of the data set. Clicking on a marker reveals the name of the data set and its location. Additional meta data is also available from the pop-up that is produced when a marker is clicked. An alphabetical list of data sets is shown along the side of the map. This allows a user to locate data sets that are at unknown locations or are hidden below other data sets.

Map Controls

The view of the map can be changed in various ways by the mouse. Using the zoom tool bar, along the left border of the map, a user can zoom in and out. The map can also be zoomed in on by double clicking on the map or by using the mouse wheel. A user may return to the default map size by clicking on the world icon in the middle of the zoom tool bar. A user can pan on the map by holding down the left mouse button and dragging the mouse.

All of the data sets on the map are contained in the alphabetical list to the right side of the map. When the data sets are hovered over by the mouse in the list, the corresponding location of the data set balloons to indicate its position on the map. If a user clicks on a data set in the list, the map will center on the data set and a pop-up window will appear over the selected data set. The data set will remain selected until it is unselected in the list or another data set is selected.

The map and the types of markers that are displayed are customizable. By clicking on the plus sign on the right side of the map, a window will expand that allows a user to select the type of map to render the data sets on. There is also an option to select the types of data sets that are viewable on the map. These options will reset the next time the user reloads the page.

Other Features

When a user logs into the system, a number of features become available to the user that are not available to an unregistered user.


When a user is logged into the iceREADER system, the user can contact the owner of each data set by simply clicking on his or her name. This brings up an e-mail form that will be sent to the owner of the data set.

There is a second option for e-mailing available only to ITASE members. ITASE members can notify other members by clicking on the E-mail ITASE Members link. The result is that a carbon copy of the written e-mail is individually sent to each ITASE member.

Account Creation

The iceREADER system supports two types of user accounts: ITASE member accounts and unaffiliated web-registered accounts. Each account type has its advantages and disadvantages.

ITASE member account allow users to upload meta data and actual data with the data set. An ITASE member can view and download data that has been shared by other ITASE members. In addition, ITASE member accounts can directly contact ITASE members through the web site. In order to create an ITASE member account, the user must contact the administrator of the iceREADER web site.

An unaffiliated web account, on the other hand, has the advantage that it can be quickly and automatically generated through the iceREADER web site. The draw back with an unaffiliated web account is that, while the user can upload and share meta data, the user does not have direct access to download data that ITASE users have uploaded to the web site. However, an unaffiliated web account may be transferred into an ITASE member account by contacting the iceREADER administrator.

Password Reset/Change

Users may update their passwords by making use of the password retrieval system. This is an automated process where the system will create a temporary password and send it to the registered user's e-mail address. Upon receiving the e-mail, the user can follow the link in the e-mail address to a page that will allow the user to change his or her password.

Updating User Profile

Details regarding an iceREADER account can be managed via the User Profile page. This page allows a user to alter his or her name, e-mail address, and country.

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